Dr. Vranjes Room Diffusers


The term “Nose” is given to individuals with an acute sense of smell and ability to blend scents to create beautiful fragrances. A “Nose” is to fragrance as a sommelier is to fine wine – Dr. Vranjes is one of the few perfumers in the world who can be referred to as a true “Nose”. He is also a trained chemist, and because of this unique dichotomy of skills he can perfectly capture and bottle exquisite olfactory compositions. These fragrances are a labor of love, instilled in Dr. Vranjes from a young age. Each blend is a feat of scent engineering, capable of evoking memories and feelings. Just a whiff can transport the mind to another time or place.

Made in Florence, Italy, or "FIRENZE", these fine fragrances were inspired by the traditions of Florence and Tuscany and bring back memories of rolling hills and beautiful landscapes.  

Magnolia Orchidea

Exclusive to the Inn, you can find Magnolia Orchidea in all of our suites. A floral fragrance in which the elegant yet lively notes of magnolia flowers match the softness of orchid. The home fragrance, Magnolia Orchidea is a sweet, sensual, delicate symphony. Perfect for energizing any space.

Flavor notes are mimosa blossom, magnolia, and orchid.

Size: 250ml Diffuser with reeds

Giardini di Boboli

It is the perfect combination of boxwood and pittosporum, fresh mint and floral narcissus, and rose with a hint of cypress. The balsamic and floral scents make it ideal for relaxation in living spaces.

Flavor notes are lemon and orange blossoms, rose, green moss, jasmine, wild mint, and aromatic Cyprus wood.

Size:  500ml Diffuser with reeds 




Ginger Lime

An ambient fragrance with a radiant character, where the fresh citrus notes of lime meet the spicy and energizing ginger. Ginger Lime is a concentrated freshness, perfect to adorn living spaces with a welcoming and sparkling atmosphere.

Flavor notes are lemon, lime, ginger, vetiver, and white pepper.

Size: 250ml with reeds





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