Ornament-The Claiborne House by Joyce Evans


This is an incredible Giclée Print of the Claiborne House sketch drawn by Our Interior Designer Joyce Evans.

According to Chef Patrick O'Connell, "Joyce had never set foot in America but was able to conceptualize the designs for all the guest rooms and public spaces simply by reading the architectural blueprints. Her visions were granted an almost sacred status, as though they had come 'on high' and were not to be tampered with.

"As an artist, she expresses her thoughts through her drawings. She is capable of reimagining anything and discovers things that enchant her around every corner, and she was destined to play the role of The Inn at Little Washington's fairy godmother."

Available in two sizes, now you can take home a piece of history as well as an amazing memory of your visit with us here at The Inn.

Diameter 2.5 inches

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