Fabergé 1842 Yellow Gold & Diamond Signature Ring


This Fabergé 1842 Yellow Gold & Diamond Signature Ring features the Fabergé hallmark and is set in polished 18 karat yellow gold, adorned with 2 round brilliant diamonds and a hidden round cut ruby in keeping with Fabergé’s penchant for surprise. Rubies are a symbol of passion, prosperity and protection, making them the perfect secret addition to this striking new collection. The width of the band is 5mm, whilst the depth is 2mm.

The 1842 collection pays homage to the year when Gustav Fabergé opened his jewelry boutique in St. Petersburg. This fine jewelry collection is inspired by the gold jewelry and precious accessories Fabergé began producing in the years before the first Imperial Egg was born. Each piece showcases Fabergé’s iconic egg-shaped hallmark, in 18k yellow gold.

Size 7

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