Inn at Little Washington Chocolates


Enjoy one or more pancrafted chocolate. Handcrafted in a traditional multi-stage layering technique, each confection offers a delectable combination of flavors. 

Red Milk Chocolate Cherries: Tender dried Bing cherries covered in cherry red milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Caramels: Creamy caramel with notes of bold blood orange covered with dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels: Creamy caramel with a hint of sea salt covered in milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans: Fair trade espresso beans covered in rich dark chocolate.

Orange Milk Chocolate Apricots: Tender dried apricots coated creamy orange milk chocolate. 

English Toffee Caramel in Milk Chocolate: Buttery toffee caramel engulfed in creamy milk chocolate..

Dark Chocolate Ginger: Spicy dried ginger coated in rich dark chocolate. 

Blue Milk Chocolate Blueberries: Sweet soft blueberries engulfed in blue milk chocolate. 







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