Truffle Oil


White Truffle Oil is one the finest finishers available. Finishing oils are meant to top off and garnish dishes rather than cook them. This is because finishing oils have a low smoke point and can lose their flavor quickly when exposed to intense heat. To experience the fullness of your truffle oil’s flavor, add it right before serving and eating. A few teaspoons of oil are all you need to add gourmet flavor with minimal effort.  This exclusive White Truffle Oil from BLiS will add a new depth to even the simplest of recipes - like Our popcorn!  Lightly drizzle over risotto or a fine red meat, use as a dip for crostini, or scent your potatoes with the essence of umami.

This Chef-produced natural cold-pressed white truffle oil is of exceptional quality. It is cold-pressed grapeseed oil studded with natural Alba White Truffle essence (non-synthetic). 

Ingredients: White Truffle Oil, Grapeseed Oil

200 ml (6.8 oz)

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