Vetiver Bath Salts


Featured in our Inn’s suites:

Immerse yourself in a warm, soothing bath. As the natural salts and minerals soften the water, sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing aroma... Earthy, woody, confident. An original creation of heavy vetiver, balanced with light citrus tones and green tints of bergamot from the peels of nearly ripe fruit.

These bath salts offer the best sea salts to soften the water for a therapeutic and relaxing soak. Simply dissolve in a warm bath for a restorative treatment for body and soul. The unique blend of sea salts will revitalize your skin, clear toxins, stimulate circulation, and provide new cell growth. The salt softens the water and releases the wonderful Vetiver fragrance, creating a spa experience right in your own tub. Made by elizabethW, this bath salt comes in a simply elegant fabric pouch and each bag includes 16 ounces of salt. Makes a terrific gift idea for anyone who might benefit from a relaxing soak in the tub.

Size: 16 oz.

This  item will be available to ship out December 6th.

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